The four development stages of manufacturing have elicited us to LogicApps Pharma 4.0.

  • The first stage incorporated the execution of steam power to mechanization.
  • The second involved mass production and the introduction of the assembly line powered by electricity.
  • The third stage added computers and automation in to the blend.
  • The fourth is the introduction of cyber-physical systems that authorize the computerization of manufacturing.

The Pharma industry has started executing LogicApps Industry 4.0 only in recent years and it has been using batch manufacturing for more than 50 years. However, the conventional batch process method has been proved to be an extensive one. After each step in the process, the production is usually stopped, so that the material could be tested for quality assurance. Some times during these hold times the material may be kept in containers or even delivered to other facilities in other countries, to complete the manufacturing process. Each shatters increases lead time and may increase possibilities of defects and error.

  • The Pharma industry in LogicApps Industry 4.0 is heading towards adopting more and more Technologies and continuous manufacturing.
  • The Pharma industry is now on the path of catching up with other industries such as semi-conductors.