Enterprise Module

The enterprise module defines and manages internal organization structures like departments, divisions, manufacturing lines, cells, and machines. This module is used to configure the relationship between various entities an enterprise structure.


This module primarily manages user definition and associate users with enterprise structure. This module also works for different types of uses; you can access the application.

Manufacturing Core

Manufacturing core represents the definition and management of items, bill of materials, routing, and other manufacturing standard information used in transactions various associated modules.

RM /FG/ EAM- Warehouse Management

Stores management module where both received goods and finished goods will be stored and managed.

Planning & Sequence Module

Planning and sequencing module is primarily used for sequencing of kitting, production, and shipping.


The Kitting module primarily works on automating various parts based on the work order and bills of material combination and delivering parts at different routing stages. Application, along with devices, fully automates and facilitates process synchronization to achieve plant material movement efficiency.

Device Management

This module will be used to configure LogicApps MI Devices,

Work Instruction

A work instruction is a part of the production module where various work instructions can be provided by configuring this module with LogicApps MI devices or television displays.


Production is the heart of manufacturing operation management. This module comprises of manufacturing execution digital travel card part, process, and person validation overall traceability management


The quality module also has complete gauge life management functionality.


Primarily represents equipment usage life management and meter management for preventive and predictive maintenance.

Preformatted Reports

Standard reports for across the application

Archiving & Historian

Periodic archived transactions data for future analysis for using the historian


LogicApps MI can communicate with other business system applications, such as ERPs via a REST standard-based integration.