• The industry is right on the doorstep of the fourth industrial revolution. Automotive is being followed by the digitalization of production.
  • The automotive industry is going through a huge conversion. Its extensive reach across the industry is being driven by Industry 4.0 and the continued digitization of the entire value chain.

The objective

  • LogicApps help to Increase productivity, efficiency, speed, and quality. Evolving in higher resolution for companies on their way to the future of manufacturing.
  • Automotive manufacturers can address operation-guide quality and assembly processes.

Note: Surface quality issues, coating issues, paint thickness problems; dashboard assembly issues can be reduced.

How LogicApps Industry 4.0 Improve Quality?

LogicApps Industry 4.0 helps automotive manufacturers to improve quality by working with suppliers, using technology to connect the supply chain, demanding more than an inspection report, leveraging manufacturing intelligence, and coaching through information to reduce warranty claims and recalls.

How LogicApps MI Solutions Increase Visibility?

  • Factories digitalization made data processes easily accessible
  • Machine learning algorithms are applied to them to learn patterns and provide precise and meaningful perception to the users so that early action can be taken to reduce issues.
  • We can automatically detect affected plans; find a proper replacement among workers with the required knowledge in the factory that can be reallocated to achieve the goals that have been set up.

How LogicApps MI Solutions Reduce Downtime?

  • LogicApps Industry 4.0 effectively eliminates downtime through auspicious maintenance.
  • The advanced Technologies of industry 4.0 automate the collection and analysis of machine data.
  • Enabling auspicious maintenance expects precise potential issues and failures before they occur.

Benefits of LogicApps Industry 4.0 in the Automotive Industry